Hensel Phelps: SAFE

A Safety Campaign Company-Wide
The Project

Produce a series of companion videos that support their NEW company-wide safety campaign. These videos were designed to communicate the importance of Hensel Phelps’ new safety initiatives and motivate employees to adopt them.

What We Did

By utilizing real employees, and an informative V.O. (voice over) we were able to demonstrate authentic buy-in from the crews, staff, and owners of Hensel Phelps concerning their new safety initiatives. Leaning on these strengths we produced four distinct videos that were met with enthusiasm and success throughout the Hensel Phelps community – over 17K views on Facebook and 4.7K views on Youtube. Furthermore, these videos demonstrated Hensel Phelps commitment to safety nation-wide no matter the job.

More Videos

Clients Webpage: www.henselphelps.com