You know video content is important, you know it’s essential to your company, and you know it will cost time and money.

That being said, we also understand getting a project off-the-ground is challenging – some meetings can be pretty scary.


In our experience knowing your Goal for the project is ideal. Whether it’s a sales tool, educational program, or image builder knowing the result you desire before starting can streamline the process from Start-to-Finish. Ask yourself what is the most important thing you want to communicate  – for example, a video focused on inspiring TRUST in your Brand through testimonials, education, or experience will lead passive viewers to converted consumers.

Next, make a list of Questions you want the audience to answer while engaging with your video. Questions such as; how does “X “work and what features make this product great, is company “X” trustworthy, and have I learned enough about “X” to be an educated consumer and not just a sheep in the herd? Questions built towards achieving your Goal are instrumental in crafting a compelling narrative.

That narrative will be developed from a Script. Now don’t get skittish – you don’t have to write a script if you don’t want to. Copywriters make a living for a reason, and many filmmakers (including ourselves) pride themselves on being great storytellers. That doesn’t mean I’m a product expert, professional in your field, or a lifetime employee – you and your team have the wealth of knowledge needed to bring your story to life. We will work with you to craft a Script that everyone understands and feels comfortable with before moving forward.process_pixarb_f

Honestly, these three simple things will not only get you off-the-ground but lead to a successful project and a much better meeting in the end. Every video needs a Goal, Questions to get you there, and a Script to make it a reality.