The concept of “Brand Confidence” or “Trust” is essential in today’s marketplace. With ever growing choices, customers rely heavily on brand confidence to ensure piece-of-mind.  Remember, marketing your products and business is more than selling your product and business, it’s about connecting with your audience.

Most of us are not medical professionals, but we trust surgeons when we need an operation. We have confidence that these men and women cutting us open and holding our life in their hands will succeed. This trust is built on expectations, image, and mystery. You have expectations walking in, and results you would like to achieve. The institutions of modern medicine create an image we trust – white coats, clean rooms, gloves, etc. , and we have faith in the mystery of medical procedures we don’t fully understand – because we’re not doctors and have not held the scalpel. This level of trust is ideal for any brand.

Video Marketing is a great platform to build this level of trust in your brand and personally connect with your audience. Creating expectations that you can deliver on stimulates an image of trustworthiness. That image is what you can discuss, educate, and inform your audience about through video marketing. Whether it’s a product release, PR campaign, or lifestyle program all can reinforce trust in your brand, and reach the widest audience possible. Enjoy an example of this idea below:

Our goal while partnering with Hensel Phelps was to communicate a unique complex system that delivers amazing construction results locally, across the nation, and globally. Meeting the people behind the buildings creates an immediate transparency while still acknowledging the mystery – this reiterates the surgeon concept; were not contractors. With this video, we reinforce the fact that Hensel Phelps knows how to build landmark developments.

Building trust in your brand is pivotal in this every-changing-climate, and video marketing is a fantastic tool to help achieve this goal. We all desire to trust the brands we utilize, and through deliverable expectations, brand image, and calculated mystery that can become a reality.