The challenge: Training Peaks recently came to us with a new product launch with a problem. They had a new product launching with a very short release window, and they needed a high level communication piece that would grab attention and generate sales without being too techie or detailed.

The result:  100 purchases and more than 500 trial downloads after only 3 hours

Here’s the program:



So how did we do it and why was it successful?


High Level Communication

Simple is HARD.  WKO4 is a software product that high level coaches (think Olympic and professional sports organizations) use to analyze their athletes’ performances and make training adjustments to meet their goals.  We could easily have got bogged down in the technical details, but we needed a piece that was engaging, quick, and communicated just the important highlights of the product.


Another important communication point was that WKO4 is available now. We needed to communicate that the software is not vaporware in an industry where it’s common.

Aggressive Timeframe

One of the largest areas that Training Peaks serves is cycling and their release window for this project the day or two of downtime right in the middle of the Tour de France, while all interested eyes are on the sport.

With only a couple of weeks to shoot and edit the piece, we needed a plan. We worked with Training Peaks to create a very tight script and storyboards. With our roadmap laid out, we knew where we were going and every step of the way to get there. Working closely with our client in every step of the process was critical to meeting the deadline. After each draft, feedback came in quickly and adjustments were made same day.


After just two weeks, the finished program was delivered and on their page just in time!


Analytics Success

Once the video was uploaded and the product officially launched, we needed to track our progress. After only 3 hours, Training Peaks had over 100 purchases and more than 500 trial downloads. After only a week, the video itself had been viewed over 6,500 times.