Ahh, what’s better on a Friday than trying a brand new beer?

BottleShotThis week, New Belgium released Slow Ride, a new year-round brew to complement their already stellar lineup. Crisp and clean with a slightly bitter finish and only 4.5% ABV, it’s a delicious session IPA that won’t punish you for drinking 3 or 4 in a session.

Of course, we are super happy to be a part of the new product launch. So when New Belgium approached us back in the fall of 2014, we jumped at the opportunity to shoot some video not only for internal B2B distributor communications, but also for outward-bound marketing purposes. Fast-forward a few months and the day has finally arrived; to launch the new brew, New Belgium used a paid Facebook ad campaign with its own hashtag, “#goslowmo,” that linked to a brand new landing page on their website which featured our video. It was a really proud moment for us to see our work used front and center and to know that our work was being seen by thousands of people. But enough with that and on to the fun stuff!

The Slow Ride shoot was naturally a ton of fun. It took us all over our great city of Fort Collins, Colorado, whether that meant riding a couch bike down our city streets


or through our local Discount Liquor. Liquore Store


silverseedAfter such a long day of couch surfing, we ended up back at the mothership for some much needed food. Where there is food, there is sure to be beer, and the folks at New Belgium have got your back with some great ideas for food-beer pairings. So they called up the Silver Seed, one of our local food trucks, to bring over some delicious barbecue squash tacos for dinner.

Now that the day was finally winding down, we decided to hang around on the couch bike for a bike-in movie, where we got some great time-lapse footage that you saw in the video above. Still, here is my favorite shot from that night of our beautiful Colorado sunset.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our Slow Ride adventures. So don’t forget to pick up a six-pack of Slow Ride on your way home this Friday, and enjoy a few with friends. Cheers!

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