BREAKING NEWS  – Sources close to New Belgium Brewing Company have just confirmed a recent drone sighting near the brewer’s headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Sources were quoted as saying, ” It was a beautiful fall day, so naturally we were outside when he noticed a shadow pass overhead. When we looked up, high above the mothership was a flying thing…something I haven’t seen before.” Bystanders first thought it was a bird, then a plane, and one young boy riding his bike in the area thought it was Superman.

But we have received exclusive photos that show that the UFO was indeed a drone.  An onlooker at the scene even snapped a picture as the aircraft landed briefly.

  new_belgium_drone                            new_belgium_drone_landing

And although this information has not been confirmed, this photo may even show the pilot of the aircraft, though we were unable to make a positive identification on the man.


Officials from New Belgium confirmed the droning, saying “As many of you saw, there was a drone flying around the Mothership today. We wanted to see our headquarters from a new perspective, and we wanted all of you to see it too.” Internal sources say that the brewery is gathering aerial footage for a number of  upcoming video programs including a top secret history/culture project.  “We can take this footage and use it almost like stock footage,” commented an unnamed source at New Belgium.

Officials also confirmed that Advanced Media Services was responsible for the fly-by. The Fort Collins video production studio has been contracted by the brewery to produce several videos in the past, with more slated through the end of year and into the next. “These drones give us shots that simply were not possible before. It’s an exciting new capability for us and our clients,” said an unnamed source close to the company.

We will continue to monitor the situation and report as updates come in.

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