It’s time for an intervention.

You’ve seen marketing videos – online, tv ad spots, viral videos. Video is everywhere you look – it’s not surprising that most marketers today are incorporating video into their content strategies. The statistics are out there:

  • 62% of Google searches contain video (Searchmetrics)
  • Video gets a 41% higher clickthrough rate than plain text results (aimClear)
  • Video gets three times more inbound links than plain text – which means it’s three time more shareable (Moz)

None of this information is that new or surprising; video allows for customized, targeted messages that are imminently engaging for your audience. And marketers know this. That’s why video is everywhere. Everyone is doing it, and so should you! But amid the enormous volume of video content on the web and television, how do you stand out? How can you be different?


Try Motion Graphics and Animation

With motion graphics and animation, the slate is blank and skies are the limits. You have the ability to realize your creative marketing ideas, whatever they may be. You have complete control over the content and freedom to do whatever is necessary to send your message.

For example, the company responsible for the game Dumb Ways to Die made this animated video and song to get people to play the game. The video has received nearly 82 million views! That should show you that motion graphics are just as engaging for your customers as traditional video production.  You can’t just bite a real actor in half (I’ve tried). They don’t appreciate it very much and they can’t concentrate on delivering the script effectively when you’re gnawing on their leg. But you can with animation and motion graphics!


So maybe that’s not exactly analogous to the product or service you’re trying to market. Motion graphics are also a great way to visually explain a complicated process or service. Sometimes it helps a potential customer to be able to visualize how you provide your service, or how your delivery differs or stands out from your competitors. For example, we recently created a program for HP to explain their Cloud Service Automation services.  By using motion graphics we were able to communicate complex services options in an easy-to-understand manner.



Or maybe you just want a video that’s a little different than your typical marketing piece – something that’s visually striking and interesting to engage with your potential clients. The following video for our client Laser Technologies, Inc. generated a lot of buzz for when it was debuted. To paraphrase their marketing director, “THIS VIDEO ROCKED!”



And if you want to meet somewhere in the middle, consider doing a hybrid video, incorporating both live action and motion graphics. One way to do that would be to use green screen – the graphics and animation in the background support the message that your on-camera representative is delivering. The following video for Hach Company is a good example of a hybrid video using green screen technology:



And in fact, we believe in motion graphics and animation so much, we recently updated our own demo reel to incorporate our traditional video productions with motion graphics in a fun, dynamic way:



Benefits of Motion Graphics and Animation


  • Fully Customizable
      • Get the exact look and feel you want.
  • Total Control over Content
      • The skies are the limits. Just say the word and we can make it happen!
  • No Hassle
      • What weather?
      • No issues scheduling workspace and time for a camera crew.
      • Don’t worry about your on-camera representative being good…on camera.
  • Longevity
      • We can always go back and make changes to the content if necessary.



If you’re ready to do something different and dynamic with your next video, give us a call for a free consultation and quote at 970-282-9502 or send us an email at

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