As we head into 2014, one of the projects we’re really excited about is our new service offering: Aerial Video Production. For the last few months, we’ve been building and testing remote-controlled copters called “multicopters” to carry our cameras and get great footage we couldn’t otherwise shoot. One of our favorite areas to shoot is Horsetooth Reservoir, right in Fort Collins’ backyard, so one day back in November while we still had some nice fall colors, we packed up our quadcopter for a test flight and got some cool shots of mountain bikers hitting the trails.

Video: Aerial Video Teaser: Mountain Bikers Over Horsetooth Reservoir


So how does this work? 

Daredevil pilot, copter in action, and FPV system.

All of our aircraft are small, remote-controlled multicopters – between 4 and 8 rotors each – that weigh anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds. These craft carry our cameras and are operated by a 2-man crew – a pilot who flies the craft and a camera operator who, you guessed it, operates the camera. We have an FPV system so the camera operator can see exactly what our camera on the craft sees, as well as a gimbal system to stabilize the camera while allowing the operator to aim the camera for the perfect shot!


What’s so special about aerial video?

For starters, this is a capability that has only become possible in the last year or so. Previously, any kind of aerial videography required a full-size helicopter; an expensive proposition. And even if you had the budget to rent a helicopter for a day, you still couldn’t get the kind of close-up shots we are able to get. Because these craft are so small, we can fly them virtually anywhere.

For a fraction of the cost, these RC copters have a number of applications for businesses and industries:

  • Oil and Gas and Mining Operations
      • Oil derricks? We can fly over, around, and between them. We can follow a pipeline off into the sunset! If you have mining operations as part of your plays, fly around the site to show how clean and contained it is.
  • Green Energy
      • Wind turbines and banks of PhotoVoltaics are impressive structures on their own. Now imagine a floor-to-ceiling or end-to-end dynamic view in-context of the landscape and environment that makes it possible!
  • Sports and Outdoors
      • Sports is all about movement and action. What better way to capture that excitement than by following along? We’ve all seen those really engaging skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking videos (thanks Red Bull) – now you don’t need to break the bank to get those same great aerial shots of athletes doing what they do best. Sailing, climbing, rafting and kayaking, running, biking…any sport you can do outside can benefit from aerial video.
  • Construction
      • Show different stages of your project from interesting angles. Get a bird’s-eye view of your site. If your project is a large, open structure and you only have the skeleton erected, we’ll fly right through one side and right out the other!
  • Architecture
      • Want to show off your structure from the ground up? We can lift off at the front entrance and fly straight to the top. 360 degrees around your structure? We can do that too!
  • Realty
      • Here in Colorado, we have some of the best mountain vistas in the country. Entice prospective home-buyers with the context in which your properties lie – imagine a video tour around the exterior of the property, and then slowly rising from ground level to above the roof, showing the home in the context of the mountain views and skyline. Beautiful!


The possibilities are endless. Aerial video can add an element of fun and excitement, of movement and action, to your next video project! Give us a call or shoot us an email to discuss how Aerial Video Production can take your next video to new heights!

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