Filmmaking in any fashion can take awhile and here at Advanced Media, we’re no exception. From location scouting to picking a frame, too lighting the shot – before we ever roll the cameras we are racing the clock.

Here are just a few things that we believe are valuable to know when planning for your next video shoot.

A standard interview setup may take us 45min to an hour, and that’s ok – we are happy to show up long before the talent is available and plan too. In scheduling, it’s key to make sure we have enough time with the talent, but not have them standing around and waiting. At least 30 to 45min of their time is ideal. This window of time allows us to get them Mic’d, touch up makeup, and get them settled in before we start rolling.

Unfortunately, the world does not always look this glamorous through a camera lens – it takes us time to make it so. Whether it’s bringing in a scrim to block the sun or shaping and adding light to illuminate a dark environment, it all takes time. Luckily we are professionals and have a plan – first, we will find the shot or discover the camera move then we will light the space. All said and done this usually takes 20 – 30 min before we roll.

At the end-of-the-day, any great shoot really comes down to scheduling enough time. These are just two of the most common areas where we see clients misjudge time constraints.

That being said, we are flexible and pride ourselves on pivoting given any situation to suit the needs of our clients. But, the reality is good filmmaking takes time – probably longer than you think, keep this in mind when you’re planning your next project.