Marketing in any capacity is all about attracting and selling but let’s not forget about the WOW factor. Video content can give you a real edge.

Every savvy marketer knows it’s far more cost effective to retain satisfied customers than to spend time chasing down new ones – and that happy customer is a brand’s best spokesperson. Videos that both inform and entertain are delivering significant returns. Just how big:

An email’s subject line containing the word “video” boost the open rate by nearly 20%., increase click-through rates by 65% and reduced unsubscribes by over 25%! Websites that include video have, on average, an extra two-minute visitor time on site. The numbers show it’s clear why brands should be focusing their marketing efforts on video content. How much time have you spent on a site because of a cute puppy video…check out this cute puppy video we made here ; )

If you want to capture and hold your audience attention, you have to craft a good story. We can help you do that. Let’s kick off your next project with plenty of WOW Factor to keep ’em coming back!