Even though motion graphics and video have become trusted marketing tools, you might not know where to begin on your upcoming project – that’s OK.

Video projects typically start with script development, but don’t feel like you have to draft a highly detailed, complex document.  We can help you craft a 10,000 ft view focusing on the needs and goals this video will solve.  Being unscripted can allow for tremendous creative freedom. If you want your next project to have authenticity, originality, and pizzazz, a script could end up being far more like an anchor than a life raft.


We understand that most people want to prepare in advance, and a script can feel life a lifeline but remember their real world role is all the preparation they need. Embrace the gifts that non-actors have to offer; they are professionals and very knowledgeable in their area of expertise, that why we’re interviewing them. Diving into microscopic details on-camera won’t help us tell the most effective story. Therefore, come as yourself – ready for a simple, casual conversation (on-camera).

Video content is all about balancing a perfectly imperfect process. At the end of the day, interviews are just conversations – while the real magic happens in editing. Rather than wasting precious resources on a detailed script, just embrace being human.  If you examine a marketing message that moves you, chances are they’ve tapped into something authentic and imperfect – which is exactly what we aim to do as well.

The facts are; you have a need, a video could be the solution, and we are here to partner with you to make it a reality.