The Importance of Multi-platform Sharing

Pop quiz — What is the number one goal of your newly produced video?  The answer – to be viewed by your audience!  We’ve found that some companies will spend the time, effort, and budget dollars on producing great media, only to see it receive minimal viewership, and therefore not accomplishing its goal.

Coca-Cola is a prime case study of viewership exposure.  Coca-Cola spends more on advertising than Microsoft and Apple combined every year. You recognize the Feel Good ads they produce and the lovable polar bears every holiday season.coke-polar-bowl-04

One could argue the key is that the Coca-Cola brand is everywhere in media. It’s not just a bottle on the supermarket shelf or a fountain drink to go with your popcorn. Their video content is unavoidable: it’s on your T.V. naturally, your Instagram and Facebook feeds have their ads, and so do your YouTube videos, not the least even on the big-screen before the movies in your theater. You simply can’t ignore the brand – and that’s the idea.

Directly shareable content is vital to social media marketing.  Videos are a tangible way to interest your customer and engage them in the conversation of your brand. In this day-and-age, your audience is a moving target.  Increase your odds of landing a viewer by enabling your audience to share and watch your content on multiple platforms easily. Therefore, if you don’t get the conversion your looking for on your landing page, you can have another chance on your Facebook feed.

Personally, we just had a video we produced double its viewership overnight due to posting it on Reddit – Symphony Interuptus crosses 50K.


Always leverage the media you create on multiple platforms. Post your next video not only to YouTube but also Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, your homepage…, etc. Upload that project that has been languishing to a new location and give it a life of its own.