In our experience creating something that appears simple, is actually quite hard.

The example above demonstrates on paper something complicated, however if translated into a video it becomes engaging, dynamic and more relevant.

Hensel Phelps hired us to create a program to communicate their unique process referred to as “The Hensel Phelps Way.”  This expression was not the brainchild of an expensive marketing agency but instead originated from their customers – especially repeat customers.   If you know nothing about construction, and the scale of construction Hensel Phelps develops, know it’s complicated.  Extremely complicated.  So is telling an engaging story about a multifaceted complex process – so, we did it the“Advanced Media Way.”

First, we learned as much as we could about the company and their amazing process.  Then we used their core values to build the foundation of our story: People – Process – Partnership – Technology. Next the fun part – using the power of motion media and visual storytelling to bring it all together?  We crafted a visual theme based on construction planning boards.  The planning board provided us with the visual tool needed to break down this complex process into small bite-sized morsels. This approach allowed us to show how Hensel Phelps has crafted a highly efficient process that’s propelled them to incredible success.

In the end, we produced two programs, the first being a 2-minute program providing a brief overview of the “The Hensel Phelps Way”.  The second program ran a little under 5 minutes and allowed us to tell the entire story for how they do it.

Video has the power to engage viewers through a visceral medium created through sound, imagination and moving pictures. More ideas can be conveyed in seconds than any other media.  Contact us today to learn how we can turn your story into an engaging and entertaining program.