Sometimes learning from what not to do can give you a clear path on common pitfalls and drastic mistakes in your video marketing campaign. It may be shocking to learn – this video was designed originally as a training program for a Canadian retail company. Yes, I trawled the internet with the intent to find the most slap-together, unfortunate, and just plain sad examples of corporate video productions gone horribly wrong – because discovering what not to do is an excellent way to learn how to do something right.

I’m not sure this video achieves its intended purpose. It never clearly states what “service is selling” means even though it’s repeated dozens of times. It doesn’t help that the whole video is so funny it’s nearly impossible to concentrate on their actual message.

Here are some key takeaways to remember: First express your message clearly. Although there are many different ways to achieve this, whether direct of subtle – this should be clarified during the creative concept process before you start filming.

Secondly, know your audience. This video is a classic example of the disconnect between the people shooting the video thinking it’s funny and light-hearted while the audience cares not – or if so for the wrong reasons (laughing at you, not with you. It’s hard to look away from a car crash). Always remember you are making your corporate videos for your audience, not yourself.

Finally, your image matters. Bad execution on any marketing front including corporate videos big or small can have grave repercussions.

I believe no one sets out with the intention to make a bad video including the staff involved with “service is selling”- it’s hard work to make any video, no matter the results.

Concerning your next corporate video remember some basics: Know your message and have a clear objective before you start production. Know your audience, so you can appeal to their perspective and engage them in your content. Remember, execution is critical, your Image and Brand Identity is paramount, so present yourself and your company in the best light always. If you’re at all concerned, don’t be afraid to hire professionals to help develop and execute your vision – it’s usually money well spent.

There is nothing to learn from this video below – so watch and enjoy the train wreck. It’s a fantastic reminder never to do something like this…EVER.