According to Facebook ads containing a video led to a 46% increase in converted customers compared to text based ads. 55% of all online consumer traffic is video related, including more than one-third of all online ad spending incorporates video marketing.

ONLINE-VIDEO-MARKETING-Robert-WeissArguably video is the most effective media to reach your audience.  Not only is it enjoyable to watch, it allows you to engage and motivate your audience converting them from passive prospects to valuable customers. Now with the ability to track analytics, embed links, and follow subscribers you have the tools to quantify the effect video marketing has on your target audience.

Video also excels in customer service & training.  Envision your top customer support or product experts providing critical information to customers at a moments notice.  Only video media can provide this                                            level of customer service 24 – 7.

2b70c84Furthermore video can connect on an emotional level, a visceral level, and can help deliver a concise message directly to your audience – on a national and global scale.

When you next conceive of marketing your product or services, consider the power of video for the largest impact concerning your budget dollars spent.


Below a few examples of dollars well spent.