As we start the year anew, we marketers are tasked with planning the year’s initiatives and content. Everyone knows the power and reach of web-based video content, but how do you create a program that accomplishes your goals and becomes a business asset?

The ONE thing that your corporate video must do is CONNECT with your audience. It must sell your product, a service, or an idea. This does not mean that your video has to feel like a sales video, but it must effectively communicate your message. Finally, it must demonstrate measurable analytics that usher your prospect further along the buying cycle to becoming a customer.


So how do you craft a video that CONNECTS with your audience?


Know your audience. If your audience doesn’t feel like you are speaking to their needs or goals, they are going to click away. Get a clear picture of your target audience, their aspirations and their unmet needs before you begin production; you will more easily tap into their emotional core in the video.

Show them, don’t tell them.. When people are shown things rather than told things, they are more likely to remember and connect to it.  Well-produced videos are far more likely to be watched the whole way through than a whole page of text is likely to be read. So from the very beginning show your audience, don’t tell the audience – craft a story that communicates visually.

Tell a simple story.   Since the dawn of humankind we have used basic storytelling techniques to connect with audiences.   Stories with a beginning, middle and end are far more engaging and successful.  Maybe your beginning is showing a problem your audience has – and maybe they don’t even know they have a problem.  The middle could be expanding on why this is a problem, or introducing your service or technology.  The end, of course is providing the solution to their  problem. Don’t forget to end with a call to action! Your audience will need to know the next steps to reach a solution.

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