What are some other benefits of green screen?

  • Clarity – visually explain complicated or techy processes or concepts
  • Flexibility – move, introduce, or get rid of visual elements easily
  • Versatility – show your product in a unique way or location
  • Branding – have a customized, branded backdrop for an interview
  • Interactivity – interact with virtual, on-screen elements
  • Portability – make almost any location work for your interview. We’ll bring the screen to you!
  • Save Time – one green screen location = infinite possibilities
  • Style – have free reign on your visual style
  • Longevity – revisit the project to make updates or changes easily and quickly


If you are currently conceptualizing your next video project, then green screen may be an option for you! With green screen you get unmatched versatility in how you can use the video workspace. Give us a call for more information!

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