If you’re not a professional on-camera personality (just like that guy up there), a teleprompter can be immensely helpful. It cuts the anxiety about delivering your lines, and after a take or two to get out the jitters you’ll be cruising right along. You won’t have to memorize or fumble through your lines since you’re just reading along.

Even if you are comfortable in front of the camera, you may want to consider a teleprompter if you have a lot of material to cover. If you work better off-the-cuff, we can load up bullet points to make sure you cover all your topics.

To summarize it again, there are two basic ways we can film an interview with a teleprompter.

Interview Style
  • Less formal
  • More relaxed
  • As seen on 60 Minutes
  • More formal
  • More engaged
  • More connected


There you have it; a quick crash-course in teleprompters and different filming styles!

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