This may come as no surprise for those who know us, but for those of you who don’t, allow me to describe us this way: we are geeks. Oh, and we’ve been busy… We are as giddy as schoolchildren to show you what we’ve been up to, so without further ado, let me introduce you to a new service offering we’ve been working on: Aerial Video Production!

Now unless you’ve been living way off the grid and under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard the buzz around the U.S. (and indeed the rest of the world) about UAVs, or drones. Well let me tell you, these remotely-controlled drones are not just for spies!  In fact, even Amazon is making a push to use these aircraft to deliver your packages! There is a population of hobbyists and enthusiasts who have been building and flying these machines for years. Due to recent advancements in drone tech, Advanced Media can now bring this dynamic new filming platform to you with our fleet of multicopters – remotely-controlled, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Video: Aerial Video Teaser: Mountain Bikers Over Horsetooth Reservoir

Watch Aerial Video of Mountain Bikers in HD!

Meet the Fleet


  • Codename: Mosquito

Our quadcopter with gimble, GoPro, and FPV system.

Mosquito 1 and Mosquito 2 are our smallest flight systems – quadcopters. Each of these aircraft has 4 rotors and is even small enough to fly indoors in an larger open room! These are quick little guys, giving us a flight time of 5 to 8 minutes and able to really move for those fast-paced action shots. We’ve been using these airframes for flight training, racking up 100s of hours of flight time on the controls. These little guys are a ton of fun to fly! 




  • Codename: Firefly

Codename_Firefly_hexacopter_droneFirefly is our mid-size hexacopter – that’s right, 6 rotors! More motors means more power !!!, and more power means we can carry a heavier payload. Firefly will carry one of our cameras mounted on a gimbal and our FPV system; the camera operator will have total control of the camera independent of the aircraft! With the extra power, Firefly will also be a more stable flight system, great for smooth sailing panoramas and sweeping shots.


  • Codename: Condor 

top secret

If Firefly had Arnold Schwarzenegger as a personal trainer, he might look something like Condor. Maybe. What I can tell you is that Condor is going to be bigger and more powerful to carry a larger camera system. The big boy of the sky, Condor will fly longer and carry the most sophisticated equipment in our arsenal. Stay tuned as more information about Condor is declassified!


 Why Use MultiCopters?

  • Get amazing shots that were previously impossible to capture
  • Increase your audience’s engagement and entertainment experience
  • Show the size and scope of your facility or job site
  • It’s incredibly cost effective


Daredevil pilot, copter in action, and FPV system.

Daredevil pilot and FPV system.

This is an extremely cost-effective way to capture great shots that were previously impossible to capture. Nothing that can compare to the kind of action we can get with these RC drones. Not even with an expensive full-size helicopter rental can you get the kind of close-up intimate shots we can capture with these small drones!

As with any project, safety is our number one priority. That’s why we’ve been training all fall on the sticks to make sure we are expert pilots.  We hold ourselves to the highest safety standards – that’s why we have developed a Pre-Flight Safety Check and always have a two-man team perform each flight. Our pilot focuses solely on flying the craft while our spotter works the camera and relays vital FPV (first-person-view) information for the safest flight possible.

Finally, these RC platforms allow us the opportunity to get the best HD video footage available. Our FPV system allows our spotter to see exactly what the camera sees throughout the flight. Sweeping panoramics, low-altitude fly-bys, reveals over large trees or structures, fast-paced action follows and many more beautiful shots are now within reach!


What Can Aerial Do for Me?

Aerial video adds movement and excitement to any shot, and gives your audience a unique perspective. Aerial is fantastic for giving depth and breadth to a shot, as well as adding context. It can be as simple as flying in low and slow to the focal point of the shot, or as grand as flying floor-to-ceiling up-close on your structure – your facility, a site, an interesting piece of architecture – and revealing the landscape beyond. Aerial video is also uniquely suited to capturing action and movement. We can follow a vehicle or object along its journey or capture some really interesting perspectives of people hard at work (or play)!

To sum it up, aerial video is unique. It will provide interesting, engaging, attention-grabbing video content that your competitors simply don’t have.



Coming Soon to an Airspace Near You

We are sure that our Aerial Video Production service will afford our clients exciting new options as Advanced Media continues to offer the highest quality HD videography in Colorado and across the nation! Call or email – we would love to talk to you about how aerial video can launch your video to the next level!

In the meantime, does anybody know where we can find a bomber jacket and flight goggles?

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