Video: Jett Mountain Bike

Watch Jett MTB’s clothing in action!

What a great time we had working on this project! Jett is a fast paced mountain biking and cycling clothing company that has developed quite a name for itself. When they signed up to be a proud sponsor of the USA Pro Challenge event, part of the deal was that all sponsors can have a short video play as advertisement on USA Pro Challenge’s website. With time running out, that left us only  2 days to film and edit a finished video that can be no more than 15 seconds long!

Jib Shot Jett MTB

We jumped on board and hit the ground running! It was great getting outside first thing in the morning surrounded by peaceful sounds of mother nature and feeling the warm sun on our face. Everyone was feeding off this energy, which made for a fun paced and great shoot. The cyclists didn’t hold back at all in making sure we got the fun and exciting shots we were looking to get. Shooting a lot of shots at 120 frames per second really helped slow down and stretch out time to get a feeling of suspense and adrenaline. Combine this with the beautiful shots of the camera on the jib made for a recipe of success.

120fps Action C100

Back at the editing room is when we started to realize how much a challenge it was going to be in order to execute a 15 second video because there was so much amazing footage we wanted to use but just didn’t have the time! It was a fun challenge though because it really reminded us that restraint is sometimes the best recipe for a fantastic looking video. We found a song that worked well, got all the graphics from the client, and went to town. Mixing beautiful, scenic shots with aggressive, fast paced shots created a nice balance to what Jett embodies.Jett Editing

We hit the edits out of the park and made our deadline no problem. We realize that tight deadlines can not only be tough on us, but also extremely tough on the client! They need to know that they can count on us and we can deliver on our promise. We appreciate when people put their faith in us and everyone walks away happy.

Our client Janet said it all when she said, “Really well done guys!  Thanks for the quick turn and the excellent work.  Love this!” We find ourselves playing the video over and over again and have had a great response from all of our viewers.

Can’t wait to get outdoors again to do another one!


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