Video: New Belgium 2012 Success!

Watch New Belgium Brewery’s video showing off craft beer success!

New Belgium Brewery has been a client of ours for some time and it is always our great pleasure to be given the opportunity to work with them. Their operations are so artistically driven that it makes the working relationship during projects streamlined and fun. We had the pleasure to work with Adrian, who helps head the creative department and has been given the title “Brand Activist Man”.

Adrian came to us asking if we would be interested in completing an important video project for New Belgium. It needed to be filmed, designed, edited, and completed in an extremely short amount of time: less than half the time we would usually need to complete a project of this size. Adrian explained the importance of this video project; every year they have their distributors from all over the world fly into Fort Collins so that they can give everyone an overview of their accomplishments for the year and what they have planned for the future. This is an opportunity for New Belgium to engage with the people who have helped their organization rise to a new level, and they take great pride in making sure those people are treated right. They wanted a video that their distributors could sit back and enjoy, and let the video speak to all of New Belgium’s accomplishments in 2012. And we had only two weeks to do it!

We feel that limitations can be a great way to develop a new avenue of creativity. The short deadline was our “limitation,” and we were excited to show them what we can do even with a tight deadline. New Belgium had a big story to tell in a short amount of time, but they didn’t want to compromise quality and professionalism; there was a large list of things they wanted to fit into the video without losing the attention of their audience. They wanted to make sure our video created an aesthetic and energy that engages with the audience but also maintains the image of the company and what they stand for.

Walking around New Belgium’s brewery, it is very easy to tell what they stand for right away. They take pride in making sure they publicly display it throughout their facility: the walls are covered with beautiful and unique artwork, all done by local Colorado artists or their own employees. It’s clear that the atmosphere at New Belgium was created with people in mind – both their customers and themselves. We wanted to make sure we carried that theme and atmosphere through their video. If experience has taught us anything, it is that you can never have too much information or too many references, so we took notes and photos throughout the tour for material from which we could later draw inspiration for the video. We walked out of their brewery with our minds full of inspiration and our arms filled with cases of beer!

We spent the first week going to the brewery to get the most footage we possibly could in order to build up an arsenal that we knew we would need for nonstop editing. We felt like kids in a candy store when we were let loose to areas not open to the public. All the technical machinery and interesting layout to the brewery made for such beautiful shots that we knew from the second we started shooting that this was going to be a beautiful, fun project. The communication between the creative staff at New Belgium and ourselves was so unique that we really felt we were feeding each others’ creativity. We didn’t hold back on any part of the editing process and made sure we put in the extra effort to get a wonderful video out before their deadline.

The extreme hours devoted to making this project into the best possible experience for New Belgium and their distributors was worth every second when we delivered the finished video to Adrian. We handed it over with confidence knowing that they would love their video. We were able to show that Advanced Media is always up for a challenge and can exceed all expectations. We are very proud of this project and excited for more fun, creative opportunities with our friends at New Belgium. We hope you enjoy watching the video as much as we did making it.



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