I believe it was Frank Sinatra that said: “A Website and Homepage video go together like a Horse and Carriage.” And here are 5 reasons why your website should have a homepage video:

1. Maximize visibility. Your home page is the marquee of your website. You only have one opportunity to create a first impression – video can grab your customer’s attention and keep it…unless they are teenagers.

2. Showcase your Culture. Consumers make purchasing decisions based on emotions and loyalty every day. Consumers want to know YOU; video gives you the opportunity to showcase your company’s personality and can add a genuine human touch.

3. Simplify your Message. Answer key questions your customer might have immediately on your homepage instead of forcing them to navigate through your entire site. We are experts at crafting simple and concise programs that connect with audiences.

4. Be Memorable. Video allows you to be memorable; people only remember 20% of what they hear and 30% of what they see. But with Video people remember an incredible 70% of what they’ve seen and heard. A homepage video allows you to capture this power and stand out to potential customers long after they have left your site.

5. Get Social. A homepage video doesn’t just live on your website. With proper roll-out that video can be another avenue for customers to get to your site. These videos can live on different media platforms, raising SEO awareness of your company and allow the “window shoppers” of the web to get a closer look.

Thanks for reading our top 5 list! We hope it helped highlight some great reasons to have a homepage video. Reach out if you have any questions, we love to chat video and consult on budding ideas.