Using a combination of entertainment and education, you can create brand conscious marketing that informs your customer on one hand while engaging them on the other. This is a key trend in winning today’s conscious consumer.  There is always a multitude of reasons for needing new video content. 

From workforce hiring to tradeshow product videos, media has become a steadfast companion to any company’s brand.  Although it may sound trendy Edutainment has become an extremely important solution for telling complex stories. Try out these three ways to use Edutainment to sell your product or service.

Culture sells!
Check out our video on New Belgium’s Tour de Fat Tour to see how their culture is impacting cities and transportation across the Country.
Easy is Hard!
Laser Technology is a leader in laser measurement technology. They have invested a lot of time and money over the year’s developing sophisticated measurement devices that are easy to use. Our task (as always) was to Edutain their large, diverse audience on their new technology, and it’s incredible benefits. LTI: Crime!
Goodwill transforms!
We’ll admit – farming is not the most exciting program topic. However, I think you’ll learn how Urban Farming is bringing together inner city youth to become tomorrow’s leaders, and changing the way we grow our food – in cities. Way to Grow: Urban Farming
In short – we believe creating video content that showcases a company’s culture, highlights a practical use, and shows your impact in the world is truly a valuable investment.