Our Vision is 20-20

focused on your needs, your goals, your success

We Tell Your Story: Four simple words that have shaped our philosophy for over 20 years. Our rich mix of creative and filmmaking craft provide a power-house of choices for you to reach & connect with your audience.



Before the Cameras Roll...


Our first priority is to consult with our clients to hear their creative concepts and inspiration for a project – before determining a creative direction


We have talented producers eager to collaborate on scripts ranging from simple copy to full programs and anywhere in-between.


Rolling Cameras...


We shoot on multiple HD cameras and have access to a variety of tools including jibs, motorized sliders, and even green screen should the occasion call for it. We also have a suite suite of professional lighting equipment and audio setup including a telepromter.


Having a trustworthy craft with up to 30min of flight time can create unparalleled creative flexibility. The DJI Phantom Pro+ is equipped with a brilliant camera able to capture 4K quality video and hi-resolution professional photography. With tools such as motion-tracking, obstacle detection, and flight mapping; complicated action shots can be executed safely with precision and repeatable


After the Cameras Roll...


We work in both 2D and 3D animation to fulfill all your creative needs. Wither its an entire program or just incorporated text – animation can suite many needs big and small.


We have a team of experienced editors with decades of combined experience. We produce a variety of projects for our clients and their success lives or dies on the editing room floor. Our team is dedicated to the success of each project we produce.

Our Team

Zach Robbin
Zach Robbin

Editor/ Video Producer

Chris Bell
Chris Bell

Creative Director / Owner

Seth Brandhagen
Seth Brandhagen

Account Executive / Video Producer


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